Pop Color

POP Color is a customized way to add vibrant streaks, tips, and all-over color to hair without using tints, bleaches or peroxide. It’s a temporary aerosol spray that washes out.  Playful and creative without the commitment of dye, POP Color is easy to apply and looks runway or red-carpet ready!

Since starting the trend of fun, pop hair colors with Katy Perry, Rita has been helping clients achieve this trendy yet customized look in her Manhattan salon.   Now, she’s created a collection of products so that everyone can have fun with their hair.  It’s three shades that are formulated to work on all hair colors.
With her unparalleled eye for color and fashion, Rita worked with a graffiti artist Alan Ket to add that extra luxe touch to the packaging.  POP Color is the must have hair accessory from the colorist who started the POP color trend!

POP Color will be available in 3 shades that were created to work in a wide range of haircolors (from platinum blonde to auburn and black hair and every shade in between).
This easy-to-apply spray will easily create the following and many other looks:  colored tips, bold highlights, peek-a-boo color, colored bang or a streaked ponytail.  Check out for examples of these looks.


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How it's applied:

Best on dry, styled hair.  Hold can 12 inches from hair & spray.  Cover clothing to protect from errant color.  Vibrant color dries in less than 5 minutes.  Learn application tips and style suggestions from Rita at

What its formulated without:

Pop Color does not alter hair texture or hair color on a permanent basis.

Does not contain permanent dyes, bleaches, ammonia, or peroxide
Formulated without parabens and sulfates
Does not affect Brazilian blowouts or other keratin treatments